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Reasons about blank for OOB (Out of Blog) these days 😉

1. Busy these days after come back from NanNing, endless thing need to be done in the Office.

2. My network ISP – GreatWall Network is very slow these days. Someone said to me that GreatWall Network changed its policy and have net speed limit to 30k now. Really bad news, and so dose I find that is very slow in China, when I was in NanNing, it overtime all the time.

3. I have watched 2 teleplay these days – “Chinese Style Divorce (中国式离婚)” & “Romantic House (浪漫满屋)”. I’m not a TV lover, so may be I’m too bored to watch TV on DVD till midnight. Anyway “Chinese Style Divorce” is a very good film.